Black Dragon


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Fourth studio album by Tokyo-Based KINLAY

1. Do It !
2. B-A-S-S
3. Kabukicho
4. Can't you See
5. Better Time
6. Got An Appetite
7. Bet Ya Tink
8. Shine on Me
9. Just Running


released January 28, 2015

Andy MacKinlay - Vocals & Guitars
Hiroki Murakami - Drums
Yukako Ishii - Bass Guitar
Seiji Fukuda - Piano, Keyboards & Synthesizers

Additional Players
Aimee Blackschleger - b-vocals & Arrangements on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9
Sorcha - b-vocals on tracks 2, 5, 8 & 9
Craig Harris - Bass on Track 1
Monique - b-vocals on track 4
Yukako & Hiroki - Vocals on track 7

Mixed & Mastered by Daisuke Osawa
Recorded at KRH Studios by Kazu Ikeda
Artwork & Painting by Jason "Ponzi" Ponzuric
Website, Graphics & CD Design by Shane Wadleigh
Photography by Kyoko Obayashi

Special Thanks to
Hiromi Abe & John Coyle at What The Dickens!
Kev "KevRock" Gibson



all rights reserved


KINLAY Tokyo, Japan

Kinlay is a 4-piece Rock Funk Reggae band from Tokyo, Japan.

They released their first 8-track mini- album "Whose The Clown ?" in July 2008.

In 2009, they supported Australian Bands Hoodoo Gurus and Regurgitator on their Japan Tours.

Their second 8-track effort "Triple *R*" was completed in May 2010.

They host the Jam Session at What The Dickens in Ebisu on the first Tuesday of every month.
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Track Name: Got an Appetite!
For the love of god & the love of green
I pray for a full bowl and a fresh screen
You keep your idols & your idolicious
Red, yellow & green and we be feeling vicious
The sweetest vibrations to heal the nation
So raise your glassed & toast to the occasion
Look to the top & climb out your hole
Time to satisfy your soul until you become whole
Track Name: Bet ya Tink
Well I got some news for you my dear
I got some news for you (x2)

I've been living out here in the East
Just enjoying my time
it's a beautiful place where I found my peace
And I got friend like these and thine
Then oh one day things got so deep
The world starting shaking around
Everything I felt was strong came weak
And the big bad quake blew it down.

Now don't try to make me see this wrong
Cos I know what I saw
I saw the ocean on fire and rolling in
burning the land and all
Houses crunched like matchstick man
Cars tossed like toys and screams under the base
Fathers left without kids, schools left to ghosts
And bankers left to count the debts

But the worst dear is yet to come
Why not just come clean & say?
We don't know what the f^$% that we doin
So please help us in everyway
Instead we've watched the explosions creep, And meltdown in front of our eyes
Keep saying everything will be OK, But no-one believes yo lies

Well I got some news for you my dear
I got some news for you (x2)
I betcho tink it don't stink it don't stink
I betcho tink it don't stink ... but it stinks mon

crossfires... burning... people be... learning
The truth with always out
the lies with always cut
But it don't take much to see that you are full of $h%t
Exploding buildings, buffeted trains, atomic meltdown, washed away planes
My geiger is click click clicking, the clock is ticking
Brother, who the f**k do you think you're kidding ?
Track Name: Can't you See?
I feel the breeze
I see the trees
I see the summer mist
I see you over this

I feel the waves
I watch the days
They coming quickly now
They going quickly now

Woo aooo hooo ! Woo aooo hooo !
Can't you see ?!?

Why don't you see my face ?
Why don't you see my smile ?
I'm crying

Why don't you see my tears ?
Why don't you feel my tears ?
I'm dying

Why don't you see my smile ?
Why don't you see my fear?
I'm falling

Why don't you read my lies ?
Why don't you read my lies ?
I'm dying

Break it with the rhythm and the beast transform...
Any particular face da spin land on ?
Track Name: Better Time
After all is said & done
And the pause is over you
Stand up quickly than I do
To see what's empty now
Oh those words can cut so deep
If I wasn't made of stone
So as two statues we can weep
Standing alone together

Slowly turning around
Keep my eyes to ground
Oh I think I've found...
A better time with you

I recall a distant time
Before the storm a time there was
This feeling of a future together
And all I wanted was
To see myself with you and you with me
Until our hair began to grey
And now my dreams I see it

Slowly turning around
Keep my eyes to ground
Oh I think I've found...
A better time with you
Track Name: Kabukicho - 歌舞伎町

Steppin in da place like a wannabe,
Like everybody wanna look at me
I’m a do my thing N I’m a do it right
And A keep on doin it fukn everynight
Til A drink so much A fall out ma chair
And out the bar... And down the stairs
But I still get up and I do it again
Cos I ain’t got no par and I ain’t got no friends bebe

Skip the hub, Hit the rock bar mother
10 shots of Jack with me N a brother
Blow yer mind and blow yer ear drums too
Tramp Stamp with an old tattoo
Back on the street with the easy meat
Ah yeah step to the sound of the african beat
Hit the champion, come on baby run
If ya got 100 yen, then I’m a get me some Ugh !


Meet you at the AltaVista
Yeah That’s the place that I get blistaz
Hangin on the Koshu Kaido
Wiv the chicken Heads & the fine aHs
Then a big fat catch in the house
wanna buy some ichiman mouse
Arrr Ratty Ratty... Just me N matty
Street beers they taste so good.
Drink them in the neighbhood
Walk on the street to the O-ku-boooo
Past the Ho-telz & the Don Quihote
Back down tranny alley
Hit the Big Time w/da Ponz gettin Palley
Then KOMA stadium... Come on baby run...
If you got mine, then I’m a get me some Ugh !
Track Name: Shine on Me

I know you want me
I could tell when you said "time stood still"
I know you been through a lot baby
And this loving will just make you ill

But when I see you face baby
Feel your love-light shining down
And when I look in your eyes darlin
I know there ain't no doubt
So Shine your love-light down...
Shine it down on Me

I hope you love me when you said
I "f$%£ed you good"
And you know it means a lot baby
When I said, I wish we could
And I can feel the fire baby
When your colour set light to my flame
Cos I've been searching for so f^$%ing long
And this passion driving me to the edge

When I look in your eyes baby
Feel my world crumbling down
When I kiss your lips
Ain't nothing else around
So Shine your love light down...

Shine it Down, Shine it Down, Shine it Down on me.
You can get what you need if you shine it Down on me